Top Designers of Leather HandBags South Africa

Leather handbags South Africa

If you are a lover of made-in-South Africa products and you are on the prowl for leather handbags South Africa, that is, leather bags manufactured in the country, I’ve got something for you.
There’s been an interesting growth in the number of designers of local leather handbags South Africa especially in the Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town areas of the country. This is great news for lovers/supporters of local designs. So, let’s get this sorted out.

Where to buy leather handbags South Africa

There are several brick and mortar stores to buy leather handbags South Africa as there quite many online stores for bags. Some of the best places online to purchase leather bags South Africa are Superbalist and Hello Pretty.

Getting Quality Leather HandBags in South Africa

For all those asking if the quality of the leather and other material handbags South Africa is worth it, the answer is a resounding yes. There are a lot of talented designers of leather handbags in South Africa and they offer several quality choices for your craving of quality leather handbags South Africa. Here are a few of the designers.

Leather Handbags South Africa colony leather handbags

Colony Design: The guys at colony design produce great leather works ranging from quality wallets to bags. Their brief is also one of the best quality leather bags you can scoop up in South Africa. It’s also a lot more beautiful than the Chapel bag but it’s not very cheap either. It costs over R3499 whereas the Chapel costs about R1499. Drop by their store at

Leather Handbags South Africa chapel leather handbags

Chapel Goods: They also produce top-notch leather items and their leather is handcrafted with so much details. The Chapel briefs are priced decently for quality leather handbags made in South Africa. You can check them out at

Leather Handbags South Africa rowdy handbags

Rowdy: The Rowdy bags are worth checking out which is probably why they are showcased everywhere – on the internet, billboards, magazines and so on. Their backpacks are so cool with the vintage looks and you’ll probably fall in love with them. I sure did. Pricing are decent too, costing about R1200 for some superior leather handbags South Africa. You can check them out on

Leather Handbags South Africa Savior bags

Savior Brand Co.: The savior brand co guys started out from the sleepy town of Durban. Although we don’t have so much information about these guys, their items look good. You can check them out at saviorbrandco.

Leather Handbags South Africa Dark Horse

Dark Horse: The guys at dark horse fix up leather bags and even leather furniture and their leatherworking are spot-on. Their canvas bags would definitely impress you if you are a fan of such bags. You can reach them at

Leather handags South Africa Jekyll and hide handbags

Jekyll & Hide: Of course we can’t write about the best leather handbags South Africa designers and skip Jekyll & Hide. They have a large range of quality leather bags as well as jackets and messengers which are sure to entice any leather bag lover. They are probably one of the most known leather bags south Africa designers with stockists all over the country. Their price tags are a bit steep however. If you’d like to quality leather handbags South Africa, head to



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