Kojic Acid Cream: The Alternative Skin Lightening Cream

kojic acid cream

Ever heard of Kojic acid cream? No? Not to worry, you are not alone as it seems not everyone has heard of Kojic acid cream and soaps.
The kojic acid cream is a helpful skin lightening product that is derived from a fungus. This fungus is actually a byproduct of the production of the hugely popular Japanese rice wine – sake.
Quite a lot of dermatological clinics recommend the kojic acid cream for people with sensitive skin. Those whose skin doesn’t handle hydroquinone, which is the most active skin lightening ingredient in most products are mostly advised to use kojic acid cream.
The main ingredient of this cream Kojic acid major job is to disrupt the skin’s melanin production, as this is the source of freckles, darker skin and brown spots. Interestingly, Kojic acid performs the duties of an exfoliator by removing dry skin.
It’s also used for the treatment of acne and different hyperpigmentation forms by several people.
Is it active? Yes, but you shouldn’t expect an overnight miracle with this one, but the continuous application of the Kojic acid cream is sure to lighten skin in a couple of months.

How to use Kojic acid cream for skin lightening

  1. Prepare the face

    You would first need to prepare your facial skin before applying the Kojic acid cream. You can do this by washing the face with a mild facial soap (using lukewarm water). Now completely wipe your face dry using a soft towel.

  2. Apply the Kojic acid cream or soap

    Depending on your preference (soap or cream) the procedures are different. For the Kojic acid skin lightening soap, you’ll need first to set your timer for 20 seconds. Now wash your face thoroughly while the timer reads with the Kojic acid soap. Stop when the timer runs out to avoid getting an irritated and red skin. Don’t panic if you feel a tingling sensation, nothing to worry about.
    For the Kojic acid cream application, lightly apply on acne breakouts (if you wish to treat that) or on the hyperpigmented areas, or if you prefer, you can rub it on your entire face. Finely spread the cream uniformly until it’s entirely absorbed.

  3. Dry and heavily moisturize the skin

    If you prefer to use the Kojic acid soap instead of the cream, remember to thoroughly rinse and dry your face once the 20 seconds timer elapses. Now apply a heavy moisturizer to balance the expected exfoliation.

  4. Expand the Regimen

    If you are using the Kojic acid soap, maintain the 20-second time limit and use once a day for the first week. On the second week, however, you can start using the soap twice daily. For the third week, you can up the limit to 2 minutes and use twice daily. You are required to continuously apply the Kojic acid every day for about two to four months to notice significant changes. It shouldn’t come as a shock if you find out your skin is peeling due to the exfoliation that is done by the acid. Make use of an exfoliation brush to assist you with removing the dry skin, and you’ll notice the lighter skin you crave underneath.

Remember to take Necessary Precautions

Kojicacid cream as expected has a couple of side effects (mild) which you shouldn’t be bothered about. Some of the side effects include breakouts, itching or burning sensation, peeling, and redness. If you like, you can use an anti-itch cream since it’s not advisable to scratch the skin.
Also, it’s important to note that while using the Kojic acid cream or soap you are required to stay out of the sun. You can make use of a sunscreen (those with a high number are recommended) and UVB and UVA protection anytime you head out.


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