Chinese Airline’s Crew Members are the Most Fashionable Crew you’d Ever See


An airline in China is taking the fashion world by storm by providing its crew members with some of the stylish haute couture uniforms.

The dress code with which Hainan Airlines in China have crew members spotting seems like something you’d find on a fashion magazine cover.

Seems like it’s time for stylish haute couture uniforms for crew members

The Chinese airline operator Hainan Airlines have partnered with fashion designer Lawrence Xu. Xu introduced the airline operator to the fashionable designed new attire during the Paris Couture Week.

The design which was inspired by a traditional Chinese dress “Cheongsam”, features a mix of the modern Western-style trends (in fashion) and the traditional Chinese art elements like waves, cloud drawing and the Roc which is a mythical Chinese bird.

Hainan Airlines brand director Xu Fei says that the cooperation between Lawrence Xu and Hainan Airlines is industry leading. Adding that the company would not only be creating a new uniform using Xu’s fashion style but would also be showing off Hainan airline’s internationalized image.

He added that crew members would wear this haute couture uniforms, especially on international routes to tell passengers that China is both modern and trendy and have not been left behind in the fashion world.

The men’s version of the Xu produced uniform isn’t as sleek looking as the women’s version. It has double-breasted overcoats with smaller elements of the typical traditional Chinese culture.

hainan airlines haute couture uniforms


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