Brazilian Hair: What to know about the trendy natural hair weaves

Brazilian Hair

You have probably heard about or come across the phrase Brazilian hair. Maybe you didn’t bother about it at first, but after a while, you began pondering why is it called “Brazilian hair”? Does it originate from Brazil? The truth is, it might.

Brazilian human hair as we have come to know is a “virgin hair” collected from a donor (one donor) of any nationality (mostly of South American decent but can come from donors of other countries too) be it Indian, Brazilian Peruvian, Malaysian and so on. This Brazilian human hair is chemically unprocessed, that is unaltered by any form of the chemical be it bleaches or dyes, harsh washes or perms, thus the “virgin” name.

Today the ‘virgin’ Brazilian hair is one of the most sought-after hair types of all the several types of hair weaves. You can’t blame the beautiful women opting for the Brazilian hair; this hair weaves low offer maintenance and superb quality natural hair that’s luxuriously soft and has a very convenient hair texture that blends seamlessly with almost all the hair types.

If you are a fan of Brazilian hair or know someone who is, read on as we are going to cover the basic, yet useful details about this hair weave which can not only save you money but also ensure you get the best quality Brazilian hair to enhance your looks.

What is Brazilian Hair?

The Brazilian hair is unprocessed virgin hair collected from a donor, packaged and sold. The donors for Brazilian human hair weaves are mainly from the South American region (especially the rural areas in Brazil), but donors from Asia countries like India are also welcomed. These donors are usually paid to grow and donate their strong and healthy human hair – virgin hair.

The virgin Brazilian human hair collected is beautiful and is usually used to make exquisite and luxurious hair extensions. The hair comes in straight, wavy or curly patterns. One of the selling points of the Brazilian hair is the ability to be easily styled. It can also handle the heat (which is not recommended) and can hold a curl for long periods. The virgin Brazilian human hair extensions are long lasting and if properly maintained can last a full year. If you are looking for a quality Brazilian hair, checkout the recommended CYNOSURE Brazilian human hair 3 bundles.


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